Board of Directors

Our dynamic, dedicated and experienced Board of Directors provides legal and financial oversight to all of our projects and activities. They are experts in diverse fields and industries, thus enabling FEM to build a wast network and find many opportunities for partnership and development. Meet the people who are building the organisation. 

Despina Sourias

President of the Board.

Despina Sourias has nearly 13 years of experience working in the field of community development locally and abroad serving mainly multicultural and marginalized populations (specifically racial and ethnic minorities, youth, and women). She has a B.A. in International Development from McGill and a Specialized Graduate Diploma in International Administration ENAP. Her love for international projects led her to become a Board member for FEM International in June 2011.

Marie Ginette Bouchard

Board Secretary.

Involved in international cooperation since 1983, Marie Ginette Bouchard co-founded the Quebecers Committee on Women and Development of the Association québécoises des organismes de coopération international (AQOCI).

Laurence Boudreault


Laurence holds a Bachelor's Degree in Career Development from UQAM and works in the community community as an employment counselor for immigrant clients. It was through various international travel and internships, notably in Burkina Faso, that her interests for the commitment and place of women developed. Her environmental values ​​and her undeniable passion for ethical fashion inspired her to become involved in the GEF Board.

Annie Thongphanit


Annie holds a Bachelor degree in Management from Concordia University. She has worked for several years in the field of digital marketing. She has been involved in organizations from various backgrounds, such as youth leadership, urbanism and politics. Her passion for technology, social entrepreneurship and women empowerment has led her to join the board of FEM International.

Julie Potvin-Lajoie


A graduate in International Studies and a DESS in Sustainable Development Management, Julie has worked for several years in the field of international cooperation, a journey that enabled her to work here in Quebec within various organizations but also to accomplish several Mandates in Bolivia, Guatemala and Honduras, on economic development and fair trade projects, on citizen participation of young people and on the fight against gender-based violence.



Laurence holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication from the Université de Montréal and a specialized graduated diploma in Management from HEC Montréal. For several years she has been working in the field of communications, marketing, public relations and event management. Always ready to buy local products, she was involved in the establishment of farmers markets and local artisans/designers markets. She has joined FEM International because it meets her ethical values and her desire to see woman's leadership grow.