Our approach

How we do it

  • We catalyse relations between women, from South to South and South to North through an ecological and social entrepreneurship approach. We educate, we train, we communicate, we support, and we participate in collective action that brings structural change.
  • We foster entrepreneurship as an empowerment tool for women locally and globally.
  • We enable women entrepreneurs to integrate a tripple bottom line approach (People, Planet, Profit) in their economic activities, with a special focus on highly feminized industries (such as textile, arts and craft).
  • We strengthen the practice of Fair Trade and responsible consumption among producers and consumers in a way that benefits women, their families and their communities.
  • We facilitate local and international volunteerism in a way that promotes the sharing of knowledge, practices and culture.

Why women?

Women are at the centre of our work. Gandhi said it once and it could not be more relevant today: Educate a man and you will educate a man, educate a woman and you will educate a whole family.

We recognize women's creativity, resourcefulness and commitment and we believe that, provided with the right tools, women can fight their way out of poverty and uplift their families and communities along the way.

Why working through the Fashion and the Textile Industry?

The Fashion industry brings in $1.2 trillion globally and has major economic, social and environmental impacts in both developed and developing countries. On the global level, 36 million people are employed in the fashion and textile industry, of which 75% are women, the majority of whom work in unsafe conditions.

Applying ethics to fashion will ultimately benefit a large number of women producers in the developing world, as well as encourage young women entrepreneurs (both local and immigrant) to engage themselves politically through ethical production, while at the same time becoming financially savvy and economically secure.

Our approach is to clearly expose the problem, make the concept of ethical fashion more accessible and mobilize consumers. We strive to make youth, women and men aware of the incredible potential they have to change things as members of their communities and as global citizens.