FEM International operates collaborative programs domestically and internationally. Our programs would not be possible without the dedicated support and time of incredible program partners. We are deeply grateful for their help in empowering women to achieve their potential while working toward a better world.


AJA Mali

Based in Bamako AJA-Mali is a NGO whose mission is to promote entrepreneurship through vocational training and socio-economic integration of young people in rural and urban areas in the agro-pastoral and craft areas. From 2010 to 2013 FEM International conducted with AJA Mali aiming to sensitize the youth in developing an entrepreneurial spirit with workshops in female leadership, gender equality in the workplace and sustainable development for small businesses. 

Baan Kredtrakarn Thailand

Baan Kredtrakarn is a protection and occupational development centre that aims to assist and support to women and children who are victims of trafficking. The Foundation has conducted a project with FEM International from 2005 to 2009, allowing 400 girls to benefit from a training on female entrepreneurship and waste reuse. 


Known as Catholic Welfare Bureau Inc. in 1932, Collective Community Services is a private-sector social agency that has been striving to meet the needs of diversified communities for more than 75 years in Montreal. It mainly focuses on improving the quality of life of those living in poverty by breaking isolation and offering support. 


The textile conglomerate of Bolivia which regroups 40 small enterprises and artisans in the textile industry of Bolivia promotes the weaving, creation and embellishment process in garment making. Cotexbo has been FEM International's partner since 2010.


The first ethical fashion incubator in Canada, Ethik is not just another project. Ethik represents a current state of mind in which fashion and social and ecological awareness go well together. It's is a social business oriented organisation, but also a retail space, a gallery, and a business resources center devoted to ethical fashion in support of eco and socially responsible designers.


Ecuadorian government department in charge of promoting exports of Ecuadorian goods and services, emphasizing product and market diversification as well as attracting foreign investors. FEM International ran a program with the department from 2013 to 2014.

Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje

Colombia’s national education center is responsible for investing in social development and techniques for Colombian workers as well as offering complete training for integration of the workforce in productive activities that contribute to the country's social, economical and technological development. The SENA is currently conducting a project with FEM International to promote the work of the artisans of the Wayuu community.

Réseau des femmes en environnement

The mission of Réseau des femmes en environnement is to create and promote innovative actions and provide a space for dialogue for women to improve the quality of the environment , health and welfare.



ACEM provides financing and technical support for people with low income to help them reach their full potential as an entrepreneur or as a professional.


Ashoka is a global association of leading social entrepreneurs creating solutions for urgent social issues around the world. Through collaborative entrepreneurship, Ashoka creates a network in 72 countries to connect the work of social entrepreneurs to diverse sectors and actors to create change.

Attitude Marketing

Attitude Marketing helps clients of all sizes from a variety of sectors including consumer packaged goods, pharma and small to medium-sized businesses. Their philosophy is simple and it is at the very heart of their actions: to create strong, stable, long-term relationships with clients, partners and suppliers.

CDEC Rosemont Petite Patrie

Since June 2015, PME MTL Centre-Est is proud to welcome entrepreneurs and organizations of districts such as Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, relaying CDEC Rosemont-Petite-Patrie in offering services of support and financing adapted for businesses and social economy projects in entrepreneurial fields and workforce development.  


The Pointe-de-l'Ile school board is present in the territories of Montréal-Est and the Montréal boroughs of Montréal-Nord, Saint-Léonard, Anjou and Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux- Trembles1. The commission is, among others, dedicated to the learning of entrepreneurship, sustainable development, health and well-being.


Emploi-Québec's contributes to achieving the objectives of the Québec government by encouraging the emergence of a competitive economy. Its mission aims to promote employment and workforce development while fighting unemployment, social exclusion and poverty in order to better serve Québec's economic and social development.


Le Forum jeunesse de l’île de Montréal (FJIM) is a consultative body of the Concertation Montréal composed of 17 members from various fields. Representing more than 300 youth groups, the organization's main focus is to defend the interests and rights of youth between the ages of 12 and 30.

Ministère de Relations Internationales et de la Francophonie du Québec

The Ministère de Relations Internationales et de la Francophonie du Québec has the mission to promote and defend the interests of Québec while ensuring its representation on the international platform, coordinating international actions of the government and organizations.

Service Canada

Service Canada provides the information and support Canadians need from the government of Canada and its partners in fields such as employment and grants in over 600 in-person service locations across the country. 

Ville de Montréal

The city of Montreal, metropolis of the province of Quebec aims to offer a pleasant and prosper environment to live in while staying attentive to the changing needs of its population to adapt to its changes. Thus, it focuses on the experience and expertise of its 28 000 employees to the service of 1,8 million of citizens. It also proudly supports local initiatives in various fields. 


Riverside School Board is authorized to provide educational services and programs to all students who meet the province’s eligibility requirements to receive English instruction. We are the birthplace of French Immersion, originally developed on our territory more than 50 years ago. We also have certified International Baccalaureate schools that offer both the Primary and Middle Years Programs.


Apparel Connexion (formerly known as the Apparel Human Resources Council (AHRC)) is a national, industry-led, independent, non-profit organisation representing and serving the human resources development and adjustment needs of managers and employees in the apparel manufacturing industry.