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As you may know, the fashion industry keeps on producing more clothes in an increasingly rapid way. The current average production flow of many companies is around one new line of clothing every week, which means 52 seasons a year. How to adapt your wardrobe?

APRIL 30 ● 6:00-8:00 PM ● 6750 ESPLANADE AVENUE, OFFICE 102

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FEM International ETHIK Eco-design Hub are pleased to invite you to our semi-annual fundraising. For this event we will organise a "couture-a-thon"on March 17, 1:00-5:00 pm at 6750 Esplanade avenue. Join-us and make your own T-shirt with the help of our eco-designer ! You can also take a drink. 

Entrance : 60$ - Registration here

* All materials & cocktail are included.

** This fund-raising event that will be help projects dedicated to female empowerment & eco-designers attendee.

Joins us January 24, for our next EcoSessions : Textiles waste to discuss about textile waste management, understand this environmental issue and learn about innovative and sustainable solutions. 

Prices : Students: 7$⎟Regular : 10$

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On November 19th, we’ll be celebrating the “International Women Entrepreneurs’ Day”. As a result, FEM International and ETHIK Eco-Design Hub, are hosting an EcoSession with three women entrepreneurs based in Montréal involved in both social and technology innovation. You are welcome to attend the talk and then we will have a networking cocktail where you will be able to share your thoughts with our guests. 

This EcoSession is also our annual fundraising event to support FEM International and ETHIK Eco-Design Hub programs throughout the year. 

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Women, Leaders of Change Speak Up! FEM International is finishing its fundraising campaign by bringing inspiring women and talents around a cocktail party, on a women's note #FemDeCoeur will gather for the occasion. More than a hundred people are expected at the Robin Hood Restaurant on Wednesday, March 29 from 6 pm to 8 pm. This celebration of feminine entrepreneurial talent ...

PRESENTATION Monitoring its competitors is a very important activity in the life of a company whatever its size. There are, in fact, several examples of companies that have disappeared, simply because they have failed to listen to their market. For example, Kodak has not seen the digital photo or Blockbuster which has not seen the video on demand via the internet. Listening to ...

FEM International in partnership with CEDEC invite you to Café-preneur-ES, which will focus on: Mentoring or coaching? Choose the perfect accompaniment for your business project! This event is for people who are in business and would like advice on their growth. Come and learn about the mentoring program offered by CEDEC and the coaching program offered by FEM International t ...

Did you know the cosmetics industry uses over 80,000 chemicals and most have never been tested for safety? While the EU is being proactive, banning or restricting 1300+ chemicals for safety, Health Canada has banned/restricted only 500. This EcoSessions will gather leaders in Clean Beauty to share why what you put on your skin matters, and how you can find products with the sam ...

FOR THIS NEW EDITION, FEM INTERNATIONAL IS HAPPY TO INVITE YOU TO THE FUNDRAISER EVENT "MODE ETHIQUE & BULLES" ORGANIZED TO CELEBRATE WOMEN SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURES IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY. Time : 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm | Ticket : 125$ - Student : 50$ - OSBL : 80$ (tax included) Do not miss the opportunity to attend our benefit evening in support of social entrepreneurship for ...

EcoSessions is the first global event series that connects designers, industry and citizens to build community and affect change.