EcoSessions : Circular Economy

Circular Economy in the Textile Industry: the afterlife of your garments

Did you know that in Quebec, one person buys approximately 27kg of clothes per year but throws away 24kg? Did you ever wonder what happened to your once cherished sweater? If you want to give your clothes a second or a third life, learn all about innovation in textiles waste reduction and become an eco-responsible consumer. Come and join us on October 19th at WeWork Montreal to participate in a discussion about the opportunities and the benefits of a #CircularEconomy with a panel of experts such as Kristine Upesleja from Madisons InnovativeLis SuarezDirector of Ethik Bgc, and @Marianne-Coquelicot Mercier textile innovator and designer from CHROMA Tangible Studio Inc.. The moderator will be Danica Straith from Ashoka Canada.


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