Are you an importer of handicrafts, unique textiles and other artwork? Are you a producer of creative and unique products?

TFO Canada invites you to its first ever Artisan Hub Exhibition in Montreal on October 3 – 5th 2016. Artisan Hub is an exhibition showcasing the textiles, home décor and garments sectors!

The exhibition will feature specialty textiles and fabrics, home décor items and garments of producers/artisans from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Haiti, Lesotho, Madagascar, and Uganda. The Artisan Hub is not the usual model of high-volume, low-margin exports. Instead, exhibitors will showcase unique materials and skills including some that are recognized as world heritage by UNESCO.

TFO Canada will be showcasing the following:

• Silk from Cambodia and Ethiopia, 
• Lace from Madagascar, 
• Mohair from Lesotho,
• Jamdani from Bangladesh
• Bark Cloth from Uganda
• Much more!

You will have the opportunity to see and touch the products and find out more about the suppliers.

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