Fundraising Campaign

Women, Leaders of Change Speak Up!

FEM International is finishing its fundraising campaign by bringing inspiring women and talents around a cocktail party, on a women's note #FemDeCoeur will gather for the occasion.

More than a hundred people are expected at the Robin Hood Restaurant on Wednesday, March 29 from 6 pm to 8 pm. This celebration of feminine entrepreneurial talent will be an opportunity to meet influential people but also committed women entrepreneurs. This meeting will give the floor to four women who initiate the change in Montreal and who will have the chance to discover at this evening such as: Judy Servay, President of the Robins des Bois Foundation, Katrin Leblond Design, Designer and Designer of the brand Katrin Leblond, Miss Geri Blogger nominated for Francophone Web Influencer of the Year, TinaKarr-Page, Coach in Women's Skills.

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The real challenge for FEM International is to raise enough funds to develop real added value for project promoters and women entrepreneurs from here and elsewhere. That's why the funds raised during this evening will finance the Many of GEF International's projects that deal with fundamental issues such as women's empowerment around the world, circular economy, recycling of textile waste, fair trade, etc.

Your support is very important to us!

Concretely all the funds raised during the campaign (including of course the event) will support these projects:

The Wayuu Women Project: Economic Empowerment through Social Entrepreneurship for Indigenous Women of the Wayuu (northern Colombia) Ethnicity. Objective: $ 15,000 to improve the living standards of 300 Wuayuu women by building capacity in social entrepreneurship and fair trade and helping them gain access to new international markets.

The Alternative Action Project: an action-oriented awareness-raising project aimed at raising awareness among young people (primary and secondary schools) of becoming eco-citizens and agents of change through an understanding of globalization from the point of view of The fashion industry and how we can benefit from its transformation. Objective: $ 15,000 to raise awareness and support 1000 children across Canada and their social entrepreneurship awareness activities.

The project "From fashion to action" (incubator and accelerator program): Local action with global impact. Support the cohort of 10 social entrepreneurs projects by women to reach the next level through a comprehensive incubator and accelerator program including training, coaching and market access. Objective: $ 20,000 to support 10 projects led by women.

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