EcoSessions : Modetech au féminin

On November 19th, we’ll be celebrating the “International Women Entrepreneurs’ Day”. As a result, FEM International and ETHIK Eco-Design Hub, are hosting an EcoSession with three women entrepreneurs based in Montréal involved in both social and technology innovation. You are welcome to attend the talk and then we will have a networking cocktail where you will be able to share your thoughts with our guests. 

This EcoSession is also our annual fundraising event to support FEM International and ETHIK Eco-Design Hub programs throughout the year. 

Woman entrepreneurship has expanded a lot in the past few years. However, women are still a minority of business owners compared to men, especially within the technology industry. To promote gender equality and women empowerment, the United Nations decided to steer the International Women Day to encourage “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030”. It is still needed, today, to bring awareness to that matter and to find solutions to help women to establish themselves in both the social and the technology field. 

Feel free to join us to be part of the talk and get inspired by the women influencers who are going to host the discussion on November 21st at Communautique, 355 Peel street to 6:00 - 8:00 PM. 

* The dicussions will be mosthly in french. 

Planning : 
~ Discussion with Elizabeth Stefanka (Stefanka), Valérie Lamontagne ~
(Fashiontech Festival), Annie Ferlatte (Communautique) and Gabrielle Ferland (

~ Petits fours & Networking cocktail ~

~ Eco Pop-Up Shop ~

~ Silent Auction ~



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