EcoSessions : Textil Waste

According to a 2010 study from RECYC-Québec, each Quebecer throws away 24kg of clothing every year. Put together, this 135 000 tons of apparel are as high as a 10-floor building. On top of that, a recent study conducted in Ontario points out that 85% of all fabrics end in garbage cans. Not only is clothing trashed but rags, drapery, towels and furniture fabrics and fabrics for cars are also part of the problem. However, today most textile fibers are recyclables and reusable in Canada. How can we improve our use of textile waste and what are the current solutions to remedy this issue?

Join us on January 24th from 6 to 8pm for this EcoSessions Montreal to discuss textile waste management, understand this environmental issue and learn about innovative and sustainable solutions. 

Prices : Students: 7$⎟Regular : 10$

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