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Women, Leaders of Change Speak Up! FEM International is finishing its fundraising campaign by bringing inspiring women and talents around a cocktail party, on a women's note #FemDeCoeur will gather for the occasion. More than a hundred people are expected at the Robin Hood Restaurant on Wednesday, March 29 from 6 pm to 8 pm. This celebration of feminine entrepreneurial talent ...

FEM International in partnership with CEDEC invite you to Café-preneur-ES, which will focus on: Mentoring or coaching? Choose the perfect accompaniment for your business project! This event is for people who are in business and would like advice on their growth. Come and learn about the mentoring program offered by CEDEC and the coaching program offered by FEM International t ...

Did you know the cosmetics industry uses over 80,000 chemicals and most have never been tested for safety? While the EU is being proactive, banning or restricting 1300+ chemicals for safety, Health Canada has banned/restricted only 500. This EcoSessions will gather leaders in Clean Beauty to share why what you put on your skin matters, and how you can find products with the sam ...

EcoSessions is the first global event series that connects designers, industry and citizens to build community and affect change.

FEM International and ETHIK collaborate together to organize several events to build awareness about the need to reduce the amount of textile waste generated and to give key tools to act on a daily basis.

TFO Canada invites you to its first ever Artisan Hub Exhibition in Montreal on October 3 - 5th 2016.

Fem International can help you successfully launch your business. To discover its training program Fem opened to public.

Fem International organize speed coaching to allow students and profesionnals share their ideas.

NOTA BENE meeting in collaboration with Ecosession, FEM International, ETHIK BGC in the Festival Mode & Design.

FEM International is very proud to be participate in such an event representing woman entrepreneurs. The first forum held in a Northern country.