Local Social Business Training

The local training program, Starting a Social & Ecological Business, is designed to develop the entrepreneurial potential of women who live in Canada. 

The goal of the program is to teach the basics of business development with ecodesign as a core theme. The courses enable you to think about and incorporate the triple bottom line approach, People, Planet and Profit, to all areas of your enterprise or project idea.

The program in Quebec runs online in French or English in partnership with the Riverside School Board and Pointe-de-l'île School Board, and it is offered three to four times per year. The course runs for 12 weeks. We offer coaching sessions online or in person delivered at our office. This provides trainees with an opportunity to interact with program alumni who are involved with our partner, Ethik, the eco-creation and innovation center and store. Ethik is a real lab, open to the public, where students can practice their selling, marketing and merchandising skills, and get feedback for their products and services directly from their target clientele.


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