Public Awareness Programs

FEM International runs public awareness programs in high schools, colleges and community centers across Canada. The goal is to raise awareness on issues related to international development and poverty, and the responsibility Canadians share with the developing world.

Our most popular program is the Another Style of Engaging (ASE), a vibrant and stimulating project that encourages students to become engaged citizens of the world.

Taking the fashion industry as an example, the program follows a product’s life cycle, from extraction to use, to waste. Through interactive eco-design workshops, participants develop an awareness project to engage and inform their peers of the impact of globalization and overconsumption on our planet and its people.

These workshops, usually between two to ten, not only create awareness but also develop social entrepreneurial skills in youth, as they also have to develop activities inside their schools to promote fair trade and responsible consumption practices among the other students.

This public awareness program is delivered in both primary and secondary schools. We also have an ASE-community program for new immigrants.

The Another Style of Engaging program has been held in over 25 institutions in Montreal and has directly involved more than 3,000 students since its inception.